Monday, March 30, 2009

TwoFeetThick Weekend Update

Two great pieces of news popped up at twofeetthick this weekend.  First is news of an upcoming book by rock journalist, Greg Prato, titled Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music.  The book is a collection of interviews with prominent grunge figures, including Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament.

When asked which artists have given him the most enjoyable interview, Prado answered, “There have been quite a few. Tops would have to be Eddie Vedder when I interviewed him for Grunge Is Dead, he was gracious enough to be interviewed for nearly two hours, and he told great story after great story. The same with Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil - Kim doesn’t do interviews very often, but he realized early on that I knew my “Soundgarden facts” since I was a long-time fans, and granted me several very long interviews for the grunge book.”

UPDATE: TwofeetThick has received their copy of Grunge is Dead and posted some excerpts.

The next peice of news is that, apparently in an attempt to not be outdown my the band who left him off of the cover art for their MTV Unplugged DVD, Dave Abbruzzese has begun uploading his personal VHS collection to YouTube.  His is posting under the Free Associated Records (FreeAss).

And lastly, ... a twitter tweet by TFT, which I think is brilliant and worthy of investigation.

twofeetthick is thinking .. when Vs. is up for the Legacy redux release, will Rick Parashar remix Brendan O'Brien's version?