Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ed Apologizes For Late Christmas Single

 10C members are used to waiting until Easter, maybe beyond, for our Christmas 45s.  What we aren't used to is an apology and explanation by Eddie Vedder.  Of course, in characteristic form (hey, I'm just being honest, don't delay my single further, 10C), the apology letter is delivered four months late.


Dear Kind Listeners……


It is mid-December here in Seattle (and most places I imagine), and I find myself compelled to reach out and offer a few words to those of you who have generously supported us over the years…..

Specifically, we felt the need to let you know that the Christmas Single has been recorded(!) Earth shaking news, we know. Goodness gracious….

But truly it is something we take pride in and both sides have turned out pretty cool… However, we also like the idea that you would all receive the Christmas Single by Christmas…Perhaps this is based on the fact that it’s called the CHRISTMAS Single…….

Aahh well….it’s taking longer to make vinyl records these days…. We are currently snowed in as the weather has turned extreme, bordering on the bizarre…and we’ve been hammering away on some NEW STUFF that understandably took priority….

So please accept an apology, as it’s delivered with respect. If it helps to accept it, we can say with some bias, that these songs are gonna be cool even if they don’t arrive until Valentine’s Day…or Saint Patrick’s Day…4th of July?….

Make sure you check out the full letter.  Eddie asks for your support and advocacy while you wait.