Monday, April 6, 2009

The TwoFeetThick Weekend Round Up

Jessica Letkemann from TwoFeetThick went to the Change Begins Within concert over the weekend.  I think that paired with obsessive listening of the Super Deluxe Edition of Ten set off a flurry of activity over the TFT with which I could not hope to keep pace.  Now, that things have been quiet over there for approximately 12 hours, I think I can sum up the news that popped up over there.

DEEP and the 2008 Fan Club Single are on the way! - Rumor is that some 10C members got this e-mail.  Here's hoping that the Digital Lounge gets their e-mail list fixed before announcing a new album or concert sales.

Change Begins Within - First came the tweets.  Then came the reviews.  Then came the photos.

Mike's Birthday - April 5th.  He's 43.

Eddie to appear on Ron Wood's solo album - entitled "More Good News."