Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ticket Announcement Tommorrow!!

Get thee to the 10C Profile page and make sure your info is updated.  This just in from twofeetthick!

This popped up on the PearlJam.com message board today:
Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet! tweet! tweet!! tweet!!!www.pearljam.com to make sure your ducks are in a basket and eggs in a row…. errr, meaning your membership is current, address correct, and such.

A little birdy few by our window tweeting very timely news. You might want to be hanging around tomorrow because birds like to fly into the wild in single pairs and single pairs only… you know? Be sure your Ten Club memberships are up-to-date as of today or come tomorrow you’ll be one blue bird singing a sad song. You can log into your accounts from the main page on