Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Malfunkshun Movie Update

A twelve-minute history lesson has popped up on the Malfunkshun Facebook page.  I haven't seen the movie yet, so unfortunately, I can't tell you if this is footage from The Andrew Wood Story or not.  We're still waiting on a DVD release date, and the page also touts the coming of posters and a website redesign.  Keep your eyes and ears open, 2011 is quickly turning into 1988.


  1. "Come on Down" wasn't on Sub Pop!!

  2. Saw this in Seattle when it premiered back in the day. Can't wait to get my own copy!

  3. Director, Scott Barbour, has since posted:

    To clarify, the piece I just posted here is not part of the Documentary that I made about Andrew, it's just a short that I found that details a bit of the influence Andy's role had on the music industry that came to follow him. It's a nice perspective, and an area my Doc really doesn't go into all that much, so I liked it and thought I'd share.