Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sirius News: 2/9/2011

Today's guest was Rob Skinner, aka Santos L. Halper, Head of Ten Club (10C) Shipping.  I've got lots of good notes for you.  Next week's guest ... Matt Cameron!
  • The 10C works hard to balance speed and cost in their shipping, but safety and quality of the product is the top priority.  There was a very informative discussion about how international shipping gets jacked up and how Amazon manages to beat 10C's shipping.
  • Even though there are many numbered items, the total number of items made is rarely release.  It's a general consensus around the Pearl Jam offices that the process is "lame."
  • The 2009 pre-show poster sale killed the demand for posters at the show, and the band likes the idea of fans walking away from shows with memorabilia, so that practice is unlikely to repeat.
  • Tim declined to comment on the professional "Got Some" video from Philly.
  • Lots of joking about the Pearl Jam Summer Festivalish-type Thing being in Alpine Valley, WI.  Tim was very clear that nothing is final, but ...
  • There was a little more discussion about the Orpheum show being release with the Deluxe and Super Deluxe versions of Vs. and Vitalogy.  Our forum members have unearthed a setlist, and the discussion is going on there.
If you missed it, Gremmie.Net archives episodes of All Encompassing Trip for your on-demand enjoyment.