Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scratch That! No Green River Album.

A couple of retractions this morning.  It seems that the post on the Green River MySpace page that we reported on yesterday has been deleted and replaced with a new announcement.

This page under new management
The person who was taking care of this "official" page is no longer running it as of today.  Should any recording, shows, tours, etc. actually be in the works we will let you know.  As opposed to the prior blog there are no such plans at this time.  Until then, take care.


Sadly, it looks like we won't be seeing a new Green River album this year.

Just to add to the mea culpas ... I was fairly certain that the Malfunkshun video I posted yesterday was not footage from Scott Barbour's documentary, and I pretty much said so, but it looks like after several fans assumed that the fan-made video was, actually, his movie, Scott felt the need to clarify as well.

To clarify, the piece I just posted here is not part of the Documentary that I made about Andrew, it's just a short that I found that details a bit of the influence Andy's role had on the music industry that came to follow him. It's a nice perspective, and an area my Doc really doesn't go into all that much, so I liked it and thought I'd share.