Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sirius News: 2/2/2011

Not a terrible amount of insight this week on Pearl Jam Radio's call in show, All Encompassing Trip, but the interview with Danny Clinch was awesome!  Next week, we're going to be learning a lot about the inner workings of Pearl Jam HQ.
  • The Vs. and Vitalogy reissues don't have very many bonus tracks because at that time in the band's career, they were releasing just about everything they did, and there wasn't a lot of songs left on the shelf.
  • Six songs were cut from the Opheum show due to a combination of poor performances and technical difficulties.  The cost to include another LP was determined to not be worth it for the quality of the performance.  Fans will be able to get digital downloads of the missing songs.
  • Next week's guest: Ten Club Powerhouse and TSIS's own: Santos L. Halper
If you missed it, Gremmie.Net archives episodes of All Encompassing Trip for your on-demand enjoyment.