Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sirius News: 2/16/2011

Today's guest was Matt Cameron and Jeff Ament (That's "Ay-ment.") dropped in for a few minutes as well.  I just picked up a couple of notes on facts that we did not previously know, but I highly recommend having a listen, Matt's stories and insights into Pearl Jam and music in general shouldn't be missed, plus they played Need To Know, Matt's demo for The Fixer.
  • Soundgarden has been working on new music since December and is recording right now.  Any Soundgarden plans will be made with respect to Pearl Jam's schedule.
  • Pearl Jam got together and played demos for each other in May 2010 and are about to get together again to listen to some more.
  • The band loves, Of The Earth, but haven't been able to make it fit in the last two albums.  Don't give up hope for Pearl Jam's Tenth Album.
  • No, chances are not good for a new Temple of the Dog album.
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