Monday, May 21, 2012

Five-Song Ed Set in Chicago

Nevermind, you already missed it.

Ed apparently drowned his sorrows at karaoke night with some friends at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap in Chicago last night following the White Sox's drubbing of his beloved Cubs.
The Pearl Jam rocker partied with former Blackhawk Chris Chelios and the now retired Kerry Wood at Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap in Lincoln Park Sunday after attending the game at Wrigley Field and turned the bar’s famous live band karaoke into an impromptu performance. 

It all began when one bar patron opted to sing Pearl Jam’s “Alive.” Vedder joined him on stage and turned the song into the duet, much to the delight of half the bar. I hear the other half of the bar was too in the bag to realize what was happening. 

The Evanston native sang around five songs, including The Band's "The Weight" and The Who’s "Baba O'Riley" (aka “Teenage Wasteland”). He took a break afterward but would return to join another patron who was struggling through his respective song.


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    1. found it:

  2. i agree fuck 10c this suck dong ... Id miss chelly's bar around the corner from my old house in chicago

  3. so bad taken advantage of the situation I hear EDVED has to buy back his own name as a as intellectual property from a turd in 10c... thats how bad it fucking is... rumors... people are pricks

  4. TenClub is fuckin' horrendous!! Why take down something like this? Thank God I canned my TenClub membership a long time ago. I don't even want to be associated with them dickheads!! I'd rather spend through the nose for tickets from Stubhub for good tickets to PJ shows than go through the headache of going through TenClub. Fuck them!!!

  5. fuck it do like i do just go day of the show...