Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's the Story on Pearl Jam's Tenth Album?

There is a lot of news about Pearl Jam's progress on their 10th album, so I thought it was good time to take a moment and recap the progress or lack thereof.

Work started about a year ago when the band got together and started bouncing demos off of each other.  Then, in September, Jeff stepped out to announce that the band was halfway through the new album, leading to a poorly informed album prediction of May 22nd, 2012.

Well, now amid statements that we can expect an experimental album that channels Motorhead sometime in before the end of 2012 or maybe by mid-2013 ... you'll have to forgive us if TSIS heads out to a Soundgarden or Vedder show to get us through the four-year gap between albums.

Or maybe we'll get a Stone Gossard solo album or an EP of Backspacer castaways.  That thing is 30 months overdue!