Tuesday, May 1, 2012

March-ish Madness: Round 5

It's Hard To Imagine a March Madness tournament that is still Alive in May, but here we Go.  There are some great matches Around the Bend, but your votes may be Fatal for some songs, and they'll soon be Parting Ways.

65. Alive vs. Dead Man
66. Leash vs. In Hiding
67. Hail Hail vs. Red Mosquito
68. Hard to Imagine vs. Love Reign O'er Me
69. Spin the Black Circle vs. Animal
70. Parting Ways vs. State of Love and Trust
71. In My Tree vs. Life Wasted
72. Present Tense vs. Marker in the Sand
73. All Those Yesterdays vs. Go
74. Strangest Tribe vs. Tremor Christ
75. Unthought Known vs. World Wide Suicide
76. All or None vs. Rival
77. W.M.A. vs. Yellow Ledbetter
78. Who You Are vs. Around the Bend
79. I Got Shit vs. I Am Mine
80. Brain of J vs. Fatal