Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mike on the Promo Circuit & a McCready 7"

Mike is apparently talking up a storm about his Flight to Mars shows.
For me, fun entails getting together and playing with friends of mine in a cover band. That's came to mind. UFO is a band no one had really done which I knew about. Michael Schenker and that band were very important to me growing up as a guitar player. When we were kids, Stone Gossard and I were so into them we used to trade pictures of Michael Schenker.
He's also chatting a bit about his other band, Pearl Jam. editor in chief, Rick Florino, sat down with Mike and got him to spill his favorite Pearl Jam songs (Alive, Black, Off He Goes, Inside Job, and The Who's Baba O'Reilly) and a couple of [not so new] details about the new Pearl Jam album, due out next year.
Right now, we're in the middle of it. We've got eleven or twelve songs in their infant stages. We're working on making them a little bit tighter and making them the best they can possibly be. [ ... ] It's not going to be out this year. We're about halfway done, so it'll probably be out next year.
Mike also took a moment out of his work to record this message for Matthew Lillard's Kickstarter project, Fat Kid Rules the World, a movie directed by Lillard for which Mike has contributed some score work.

UPDATE! If you're not sold on the movie, maybe you'll be sold on this:
PLEDGE $50 OR MORE We'll send you a 7" Vinyl Record custom pressed for SXSW featuring original recordings of "Disconnect" and "Sock Hop" written for the film and performed by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. Exquisitely pressed in clear vinyl featuring special sleeve art from the film. This is an awesome collector's item. You'll also get the bumper sticker, download and thank you!