Monday, May 7, 2012

March-ish Madness: Round 6

Now, the Long Road is winding down.  Some one's bitter Rival is going to bring the pain.  It's time for you to remain Faithful and vote for the song will leave us all singing Hail Hail.

97. Alive vs. In Hiding
98. Hail Hail vs. Hard to Imagine
99. Animal vs. State of Love and Trust
100. In My Tree vs. Present Tense
101. All Those Yesterdays vs. Tremor Christ
102. World Wide Suicide vs. Rival
103. Yellow Ledbetter vs. Who You Are
104. I Got Shit vs. Brain of J

105. Breath vs. Do the Evolution
106. Indifference vs. Immortality
107. Faithful vs. Even Flow
108. Not for You vs. Release
109. Last Exit vs. Porch
110. Long Road vs. Rearview Mirror
111. Corduory vs. Save You
112. Nothing as it Seems vs. Black