Thursday, September 10, 2009

Backspacer To Be Released As an iTunes LP

Backspacer is slated to be released via iTunes as an iTunes LP.  It's a new format touted as, "The visual experience of the record album returns with iTunes LP.  Get a gorgeous, immersive digital version of select albums -- right in your iTunes library.  So while you listen to your favorite songs by your favorite artist, you can also dive into beautifully animated lyrics and liner notes, performance videos, and artist and band photos, and more."

If you squint really hard at the ad below, you can see that your choices are Explore Songs, Tracklist, Photos, Videos, Credits, and More.  Do you plop down $10 more bucks to see what kind of content iTunes is offering?  If you're a hardcore fan, experience tells me that you won't be getting anything new, but we won't know unless someone tries it out!

Thanks to Red Mosquito poster, sildogg, for the catch.

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