Friday, September 18, 2009

Pearl Jam on

It appears to be going on all weekend.

It's hard to believe that nearly two decades have past since Mookie Blaylock rose from the ashes of Mother Love Bone, quickly (and wisely) changing its name to Pearl Jam shortly thereafter. But since those first shows in 1990, the band has maintained a death-like grip on both its principles and its ability to bring the rock. With a new album due out on Sunday, Paste heads into the weekend with the Pearl Jam Takeover—where its all Pearl Jam, all day long. We review the new album, Backspacer, and talk to its producer, Brendan O'Brien. You can watch the Cameron Crowe-directed video for "The Fixer," take our super-impossible Pearl Jam quiz, read Stone Gossard's answers to our Twitter followers' questions and vote for your favorite Pearl Jam album in our poll. We have tour news, a guide to flannel, some news about Backspacer's cover illustrator, a list of our favorite 25 Pearl Jam tracks, an illustrated guide to help you sing like Eddie Vedder, and much more. So put on a flannel, grab a coffee and slack off like it's 1991.