Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pearl Jam's 7th Greatest Album (Binaural)

I didn't rank them.  I'm just passing the word on from Charles Peelle's Examiner posts.  Of course, as he moves up the rankings, he has more and more to say about each album.  I guess he's getting more excited with the build up.  I'll cut back to excerpts rather than repost the full article.


While Riot Act is Pearl Jam's most hated and likely most controversial album to date, Binaural is the band's most underrated and forgotten, the lost little gem that fell between the cracks. It rarely reaches fans' Top 5 lists, and is likely the least played album live since its 2000 tour. But like every other Pearl Jam album, something special lurks beneath its surface. While it is ranked second-to-last here, it easily sits atop of my list of most improved PJ albums, growing on me with each listen, always revealing something new, daring and complex...especially if I am wearing my headphones.


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