Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jamcast Update

Hey, gang, what's up?  We missed you while our server crashed?  You didn't need the number one Pearl Jam fan site to celebrate the release of Backspacer and Pearl Jam's shows in Seattle, did you?

I hope you didn't wait for me to tell you to check out

Given to Cast, September 22nd

Show Notes:

Music from the Seattle Night I show

Amoungst The Waves

Johnny Guitar

Unthought Known

Just Breathe

The End


All That's Sacred #19

The last two nights in Seattle have been incredible -- and lucky me, I still have Portland to look forward to! I pre-recorded episode #19 on Sunday to stay on schedule featuring songs from past Portland, Vancouver, and Utah shows to get everyone ready for these upcoming gigs. In the coming weeks, we are going to feature songs from past LA, San Diego, Austin, and Philly shows so please start sending me your suggestions for that.