Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Live Bootlegs For Target Shoppers

Universal Russia
has announced the bootlegs that U.S. Pearl Jam fans will be able to choose from on iTunes if they purchase the Target Edition of Backspacer.  Conventional wisdom is that Target shoppers will get to choose two for free, and that all Backspacer owners will have the option of purchasing the shows.

There was also a statement that Pearl Jam can update the content at any time, so look out for more goodies in the future!

Halifax (22/09/05)

Philadelphia (03/10/05)

Santiago (21/11/05)

Chicago (17/05/06)

Grand Rapids (19/05/06)

Camden (28/05/06)

E Rutherford (06/03/06)

San Francisco (16/07/06)

New York (25/06/06)

Hartford (27/06/08)

Mansfield (28/06/08).

Thank you, RM poster, Mine, for catching that.

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