Monday, April 30, 2012

Stone on WFPK

Pearl Jam Toronto, Canada  9-11-2011

The Weekly Feed posted an interview with Stone Gossard this morning.

Thanks to Red Mosquito member, Ed10, for the notes.
  • Double Bill with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden? Stone said he'd feel back for Matt Cameron but also said, "sounds fun, I think we should do it."
  • BRAD will re-release prior records potentially with a few new tracks. Stone said not to expect much new stuff but that they may find something as they continue digging through the old files.
  • Stone said that he spent less time on the nostalgia marketing than Jeff and Eddie but still believes Pearl Jam's best records are ahead of them.
  • He announced that PJ will have another box set but it's release is not set yet. Jeff and Ed spend a lot of time doing the packaging to make it worth it for super fans what to see and feel the bands history.
  • Bay Leaf, Stones personal solo record has turned 10 years old. He says he's proud of that record and expects to release another solo album in the next couple of years. It's fun to be a fascist in the studio when doing a solo album.
  • How's Eddie doing? Hurt his back when moving a bench in his back yard. His arm was going to sleep. Going through physical therapy now.