Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brad - Welcome to Discovery Park Reissue

Brad has just announced the first in a series of reissues.  Welcome to Discovery Park, their decade-old, out-of-print album from 2002 is the first of their albums to get the reissue treatment.

Though the CD and digital download will eventually be available through most retail outlets, it's available for pre-order from MerchNow in CD digipak format ($16) and a limited 2-LP vinyl format ($20) with re-designed artwork by Regan Hagar.  Both formats also include two previously unreleased tracks.

1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Shinin'
3. Drop It Down
4. Never Let Each Other Down
5. If You Could Make It Good
6. Revolution
7. Takin' It Easy
8. Sheepish
9. All Is One
10. Couch T-Bone
11. La La La
12. Yes, You Are
13. Arrakis
14. It Ain't Easy (Bonus Track)
15. Make Me Crazy (Bonus Track)