Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jeff Speaks to Fuse TV

In Philadelphia, Jeff sat down with Fuse TV to talk about Pearl Jam's future. He mentioned that work on No Code, Yield, and Binaural reissues will probably not be coming for a few years. He did, however, mention that Pearl Jam was halfway done with the new album. We, of course, do not believe this because Jeff said the same thing a full year and 3 Jeff Ament albums ago, but he does offer a little explanation.
The great thing at this point is we’re not really in a hurry to do anything we kind of do things as naturally as we can. Some shows come up, like this show only popped up on our radar maybe. two and a half months ago. Things come up, we can kind of pick and choose the fun things we want to do. Finishing the record’s taking a little bit of a backseat, it’s always worked better with us to take our time with things.
Thanks to  I stole your transcription.