Sunday, September 2, 2012

Signed MIA Posters Available Now

Ames Bros currently has the Made In America Festival poster available on their website, signed for $59.00. If you're an über collector, you'll want to check out their site at 9pm PT tonight for your chance to buy a limited number of the two separate prints that went into the creation of this poster.
As part of the process of creating the final artwork with Brad Klausen for the Pearl Jam Philadelphia poster, we created 2 individual prints. These prints were created to not only be a part of the final piece, but to stand on their own.

A total of 125 limited edition prints of each of the 2 pieces were created. A handful of each were sent on to the venue to be mixed in with the rest of the run. Most of the remaining prints will go into the archives.

Tonight we will have a very, very limited amount of signed and numbered prints available, numbered out of an edition of 125(total copies).

We will also have the actual show poster available for purchase. Signed by both artists out of an edition of 115.

Posters are now at a reduced price for the next 24 hours. After that, posters will be marked back to full price!