Friday, September 21, 2012

Ed and the 47%

Last night, Eddie Vedder played a few songs at a fundraiser for President Obama in Tampa, Florida.  Maybe you were there, but if you don't have a significant amount of disposable income, maybe not.  What you missed was a brief mandolin/ukulele set, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times ...
Eddie Vedder, strumming a mandolin,  started with a Pearl Jam hit [sic], "Rise." Next he traded the mandolin for ukelele from Hawaii ("It has a little birth certificate in there," he joked). Vedder then covered a James Taylor song (couldn't immediately name that tune) and Neil Young ("Rockin' in the Free World").
... and a story about Ed's past when he probably wasn't paying income tax, but he wanted to become a more productive member of society.  Here is his story of getting training to become a security guard in San Diego.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the video was made private.  We'll leave it here in case that changes again in the future.  Until such a time, please see the Tampa Bay Times article for a summary of Ed's comments.