Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21: Pearl Jam in Pensacola


  1. I was there!!! My second show ever even tho to me Pearl Jam is the epitome of music! The last show I saw was NO '95 with The Ramones, n that was awesome that was a long time ago. I don't know how anyone can complain about a set list. The energy level is all that matters and the guys were on it that nite. I've seen a lot of great bands in my life, and great concerts. None of them compared to PJ at Delunafest. Energy level, fn excellent. Could not have been higher. Set list, incredible. I wanted to hear big wave,( we were right next to the ocean). Just breathe would have been excellent also, but they played Amongst the Waves, my daughter and my favorite song and it was exquisite. I love these guys. Of the Earth was beautiful n Mike playing The Star Spangled Banner after Yellowledbedder brought tears to my eyes. Ed said we'll see u next year. I hope he meant it. I will bring my daughter Olivia to that show, she grew up from a baby listening PJ. I hate myself for not bringing her. She's the same age as Eddie's daughter n loves the you tube video. I would have loved to meet the band and when I told my daughter I wanted to meet them she said"daddy, I have some money saved up, I will buy you backstage passes). I cried. We love Pearl Jam and I hope they keep playing forever. And on the beach, absolutely perfect. Worth more than I spent on the tickets and everything else. I would have paid more if I had to, priceless concert. Thanks Pearl Jam for coming to Pensacola. If you guys come back I will see you next year

    1. I was there also and the guys from PJ were so on it. I have seen Pearl Jam 4 times now and this was by far the best show. The last time I saw the was in 2004 Kissimmee,FL on the Rock for Change tour. They should have played a set like this and maybe we would have recieved the change we so needed and deserved but that is another story altogether. Like you said the energy level in the crowd and from the band was incredible!! I have not heard anyone complain about the set list even though I would have liked to hear Breathe and Release and maybe a few others but that is the same at every show I go to. Pearl Jam was on fire and the crowd was too. Mike McCready, Jeff Ament,and Eddie Vedder were jumping all over the stage like they were on their very first tour. It was amazing!! I am really blessed to have been able to see them as many times as I have and especially to see them on 1 of their only 4 shows to be played here in the US this year. With all the madness going on in the world today Pearl Jam breathed a much needed blast of energy and fresh air into what has been a 3 year bad stretch for me. Actually it has been longer but the loss of my brother just before Christmas in 2009 made it bad. Well life moves on and this concert was a great start to what is ahead. Thanks Pearl Jam....hope to see you next year !!