Friday, March 1, 2013

New Mike McCready Side Project?

Pearl Jam Vancouver, Canada 9-25-11

Mike McCready plays music with Duff McKagan and Barrett Martin so much it's almost not worth reporting, but this week, while speaking to Billboard about Mad Season, Mike mentioned that the three of them have been working on some new music and reworking some old, unused demos from Mad Season's second album.  Some are calling it a super group, but a better term might be project, as they're planning on a cast of lead singers, including Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke.
"I have a little record company called Hockeytalkter Records -- it's what my three year old son calls a helicopter. I would like to put some of this stuff out on 45. If that happens, it'll be great."
There's no release date.  The band is waiting on the vocalists to finish their work before making any formal announcements.  In the meantime, you can check out the upcoming Walking Papers album which will feature two songs written by Mike.