Sunday, August 11, 2013

Did the Lightning Bolt Tracklisting Leak?

Well, at this point, we've seen three or four tracklists for Pearl Jam's upcoming album, Lightning Bolt, and all have proven to be mostly, if not completely, fake.  Now, PearlJamOnline has been sent a picture of another.  Though I could probably fashion a similar document on my laptop, we're not getting the fake vibe off of this one.  It incorporates all the rumors to date, including known song titles (Infallible, Siren(s), Lightning Bolt, [Our] Future Days) and a track from Ukulele Songs (Sleeping By Myself).  

Too much to hope for?  Not really, we expected something soon, but ya' gotta hope Where's The Sponge? is a better song than the title would imply.


  1. i have to say, part of me would be disappointed if this is real for a couple of reasons. Firstly, how long have we waited for a new PJ album? are they really going to put a track from Ukelele songs on there? don't get me wrong, i like that album and the song is fine but its not a PJ song- they've surely had enough time and creativity to come up with 12 new songs of their own??! And yes, 'where's the sponge?'- it sounds like something off an album of songs for toddlers, teaching them how to wash! I can't believe that would be any good as a song. I'm hoping for stronger than Backspacer and more rocky/pink floydy as has been floated but i'm just not sure

  2. I can't say 100% - but it smells like bogus spirit. This is a prank, so the guys who did it, please mind your manners.

  3. Tame and Sane...undertow...c'mon folks! Sounds like a big joke on Eddie.

    1. Post Script is credible. I dunno about using a ukulele song though just cuz this band is more creative then re-releasing songs unless of course they've sped up the tempo or layered it with electric guitar. Apollo is part of SG's solo project so again, not very creative for VERY CREATIVE guys as is PJ.
      Tracklist seems part true & part not.

  4. The only credible songs are Mind Your Manners, Future Days, Infalible and Siren.

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  6. Yawn. What does it TRULY matter what the song titles are?! Honestly. They are what they are. Damn. It's just ART. If art means so much to you, go create some of your own ORIGINAL ART! Stop hanging on every word, note, vibe of 5 guys collectively making sound. They're not shaman or divine messengers. They are ARTIST.

    And again, POSTSCIPT is credible. Not necessarily legit but a possibility. I'd much rather prefer a song called PHONE CALL, though, but that's just me.

  7. A new album from Pearl Jam is something to celebrate not criticize, although I will say that I've been hoping for a studio version of "Of The Earth". However, I have to say I said the same thing when I heard "Satan's Bed" in Atlanta '94 and the album version isn't as good. Anyways, CANNOT WAIT for Lightning Bolt!