Sunday, August 11, 2013

Did the Lightning Bolt Tracklisting Leak?

Well, at this point, we've seen three or four tracklists for Pearl Jam's upcoming album, Lightning Bolt, and all have proven to be mostly, if not completely, fake.  Now, PearlJamOnline has been sent a picture of another.  Though I could probably fashion a similar document on my laptop, we're not getting the fake vibe off of this one.  It incorporates all the rumors to date, including known song titles (Infallible, Siren(s), Lightning Bolt, [Our] Future Days) and a track from Ukulele Songs (Sleeping By Myself).  

Too much to hope for?  Not really, we expected something soon, but ya' gotta hope Where's The Sponge? is a better song than the title would imply.