Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ed & Neil Finn Record Studio Cover of Throw Your Arms Around Me

Next month, September 27th, Liberation Music will be releasing a Hunters & Collectors tribute album.  Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn appear on track #2, a tune we probably all have on our Pearl Jam bootlegs, Throw Your Arms Around Me.

You can learn more and check out the full tracklisting at
Formed in Melbourne in 1981, Hunters & Collectors became an integral part of Australian music culture through their unique songs and sounds and legendary pub gigs. They took us on an incredible journey as they evolved from an experimental post-punk/agit-funk collective with up to a dozen members into a streamlined and visceral rock and roll outfit that made a profound connection with audiences across the country. The Hunnas, as they became known, featured a powerful blend of guitars, drums, bass and brass, fronted by Mark Seymour’s intense vocals and presence.

Disbanding in 1998, Hunters & Collectors left behind a legacy of great rock and roll moments, memories and a proud catalogue of recorded music, including nine studio albums, three live alb ums and numerous EPs and singles.