Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pearl Jam Upgrades Their iTunes Store

iTunes has recently upgraded the Pearl Jam store to include a lot more, previously out-of-print, live material for $10.99 each. Though it doesn't include all the shows (where exactly is North America 2000, Japan 2003, and Australia 2003?), but there has been a dump of fifty-four shows in their entirety.*

We don't know if more is coming, but as of today you can get all of the shows from Europe 2000, North America 2003, this year's South American Lollapalooza, and the four Vault releases** including the previously unavailable January 17th, 1992 show at the Moore Theater.

If any part of your collection has been lagging, log on and grab what you can.  It's a good day to be a fan of live Pearl Jam.

* Some shows are incomplete as edits are occasionally made due to technical or philosophical reasons.
** The REAL Vault #1 release was Las Vegas, November 30, 1993, but that has since been stricken from the record, and Live in NYC 12/31/92 is not part of the numbered vault release series.