Monday, August 19, 2013

Stream Drumgasm

Spin Magazine interviewed Janet Weiss about the Drumgasm album that she recorded with Matt Cameron and Zach Hill.

As an added bonus, you can stream the whole album from their website.  Check out what Janet has to say about teaming up with one of the Top 5 Pearl Jam drummers to date.
Sleater-Kinney, around the same time, was doing some touring with Pearl Jam. Matt Cameron had always been one of my favorites — I'm a huge Soundgarden fan. So getting to meet him and know him and share a stage with him was a really big deal for me. We forged a friendship, and Matt and I would sort of marvel about Zach — as probably every drummer on the planet does. I just came up with the idea: What if we just rented a studio for a weekend? We didn't have any plan as to what was gonna happen.
If you like what you hear, head over to Jackpot Records and pick up the LP.