Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Podcasts Available (Evil Little Goats and Given To Cast)

My apologies for letting these slip by, but you can now get the 7th installment of Evil Little Goats and a "new" episode of Given To Cast (7-26-2013).  Stream both below or visit their pages to subscribe.


The latest episode of Evil Little Goats is now live and ready for your enjoyment. During this episode, titled “I’d Rather be with a Lightning Bolt,” Jeremy and I talk about Brendan O’Brien, do a little walk through of Backspacer, discuss Shadow and ramble on about a few other Pearl Jam topics. We do all of this not only because we can, but because this is a podcast about Pearl Jam so it wouldn’t make much sense if we started gushing about our love, or lack thereof, for Mumford & Sons.

GIVEN TO CAST, 7/26/2013

The latest podcast is up with all the new music from Wrigley show and the two demos that were leaked this week. Also, we are joined by show contributor, Joe Little of Come To The Porch dot net with his review of the show and events prior to the concert. Enjoy!