Friday, March 7, 2014

Mudhoney: The Sound and the Fury From Seattle

Earlier this week, we told you about a Mudhoney documentary featuring Jeff & Stone, now ... the book.

Spin Magazine has an exclusive exerpt from Keith Cameron's Mudhoney biography due out later this month (March 21st).  Jeff and Stone's history with Mark Arm and Steve Turner will obviously gain mention, but the exert from Spin talks about the band's touring with Nirvana and Pearl Jam and the lessons they learned during that tour.  Here's a snippet, but head over to Spin or buy the book for more.
"You didn't really know what the other one thought," says Arm. "You could make up all sorts of stuff in your head that might or might not be true. The perception at the time was that Pearl Jam was a sellout major label band and Nirvana was the band that came up through punk rock—which was a crazy myth, but that's the way things were. Jeff was in a hardcore band, he had a fanzine, he was more involved in the punk rock and hardcore scene than Kurt Cobain ever was. And Stone and Jeff were in Green River, which was on Sub Pop. The roots are just as deep."

"Our shows suck," says Dan. "We have a good time, but the audience don't wanna see anybody except for Eddie. Fair enough. They didn't boo us by any means, but they just sit there and politely wait for their Eddie to come out. But that tour was a gas. Pearl Jam's a band you could look at as a model of how to do things properly in the rock world. They treat people with respect, they surround themselves with straight-up, honest people."