Thursday, March 20, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness: Round 2.4

Voting has begun on the next round of Red Mosquito's Pearl Jam March Madness.  Here are the match-ups for this round.

Force of Nature vs. Mind Your Manners
Off He Goes vs. Comatose
I Am Mine vs. Army Reserve
My Father's Son vs. Elderly Woman
Daughter vs. Footsteps
Dissident vs. Evenflow
Black vs. Pilate
Smile vs. Evacuation
Corduroy vs. Wishlist
Life Wasted vs. MFC
Last Exit vs. Alone
Brain of J vs. Infallible
In My Tree vs. Unemployable
Hold On (acoustic) vs. Strangest Tribe
Rearviewmirror vs. Hold On
Sleight of Hand vs. Drifting