Friday, March 14, 2014

VOTE NOW! Pearl Jam March Madness: Round 2.1

Voting has begun on the next round of Red Mosquito's Pearl Jam March Madness.  Here are the match-ups for this round.

Animal vs. No Way
Rival vs. You Are
Given to Fly vs. Crazy Mary
Long Road vs. Lowlight
I Got Shit vs. Red Mosquito
Parting Ways vs. Indifference
Hard to Imagine vs. Education
Lightning Bolt vs. Rats
Porch vs. Light Years
Other Side vs. Save You
Hail, Hail vs. Of The Earth
Johnny Guitar vs. Glorified G
Immortality vs. Betterman
Swallowed Whole vs. Amongst The Waves
Wash vs. Aye Davanita
Do The Evolution vs. Oceans