Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pearl Jam March Madness: Round 1.2*

Voting has begun on the next round of Red Mosquito's Pearl Jam March Madness.  Here are the match-ups for this round.

Amongst the Waves vs. 2000 Mile Blues
Sirens vs. Aye Davanita
Oceans vs. The Real Thing
Angel vs. Bugs
Brother vs. Push Me/Pull Me
The Fixer vs. Bee Girl
Yellow Ledbetter vs. Let It Ride
Love Reign O'er Me vs. Breakerfall
The End vs. 4/20/02
Gone vs. Unthought Known
I Just Want To Have Something To Do vs. Nothingman
Get Right vs. Jeremy
Fatal vs. Not For You
Getaway vs. Leash
Let Me Sleep vs. In The Moonlight
Be Like Wind (PJ20) vs. World Wide Suicide

* Why "Round 1.2"?  Round 1 actually contains 59 matches, so the voting is broken up over five 2-day increments.  We'll number them Rounds 1.1-1.5.