Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yeah, that's right ... I'm trying to coin a new term.  Maybe it should be PearlCasting... or PearlJasting ... or no ... let's go with JamCasting.  If you're like me, you have a hefty podcast section in your iPod.  I easily spend as much time listening to podcasts as I do listening to the mp3s loaded onto my iPod.

Pearl Jam released a ten-part series earlier this year, called Ten Code, to promote the Reissue of Ten, and it was great, but can't we get that kind of great stuff on an on-going basis?  It turns out, you can.

Given to Cast: Started by Red Mosquito User, PJTEXAS, around the release of Pearl Jam, Given to Cast features a lot of current Pearl Jam news and concert selections, and has recently started regular releases back up in anticipation of the 2009 tour and release of a new album.  Click here to discuss Given to Cast.

All That's Sacred: Started just this week by Red Mosquito User, bigeye21.  The focus is less on news and more on playing rare music and commentary on those recordings and the personal experiences of fans.  Click here to discuss All That's Sacred.

So, those of you hitting the road with Ed in June or Pearl Jam later this year, dig up that auxiliary wire for your car stereo and load up that iPod for the road trip.