Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uncut Magazine Needs Your Questions

 Working to create an interview to be published in a future edition, Uncut Magazine is soliciting questions to be asked of Eddie Vedder.  Stuff like, "Hey Eddie, what's your Red Mosquito username?  Do you at least read the news section?  Can we get an advanced copy of the new album, so that we can post a review?  What do you think of B?  Can you pull him on stage the next time you visit North Carolina?"  Sorry, I got carried away.  Here's what Uncut has to say:

Eddie Vedder – political activist, soundtrack composer, sports fan and sometime rock star – is soon to be the subject of Uncut ’s regular An Audience With...feature, and we’re after your questions.

So, we wonder, is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask him?

Where’s his favourite place to surf?

What’s the prize record in his apparently huge collection of classic vinyl?

What does he remember about playing with The Who at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000?

Send your questions to by Wednesday, May 20.

Your best questions and of course, Vedder's answers will be published in a future edition of the magazine.