Monday, May 18, 2009

UK Journalist Listens to the New Pearl Jam?

TwoFeetThick repost:

UK Journalist Listens To The New PJ?

Hmmmm.  So we stumbled upon this blog called Hear>You>Me, maintained by UK blogger James McMahon, who we believe is the features editor for longtime UK music mag NME (aka New Musical Express).  He’s stateside, in Seattle and reports in his blog that he had a listen the new Pearl Jam album and was going to have some face time with some or all of the boys for a future NME feature .  Click below links for his full write-ups, but important bits are excerpted below:

In his May 15th entry, James writes: I’m actually going (to) Seattle tomorrow to interview Pearl Jam forNME. The fourteen year old me is very excited. “WAAAAAANCE, UPON A TIIIIIIMMMME…” 

James reports on May 17th, from the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle:  Today is actually a bit of a free day - I’m hearing the new Pearl Jam album later, but I don’t actually speak to them until tomorrow.

From his May 18th entry: I’m sat in a PR’s hotel room at The Edgewater listening to the new Pearl Jamrecord - a release form I’ve just signed means that I can’t tell you the song titles, while it doesn’t even have a name yet. Yet what I can tell you, it’s that it’s ever, ever so punchy. Eddies vocals sound more honeyed than raspy and there’s a ballad stuck right in the middle that’s just him and a guitar, but is absolutely drenched in strings. There’s hardly any guitar leads either…

It’s alllllll happening….