Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The TFT Interview: “Grunge is Dead” Author, Greg Prato

 Checkout TwoFeetThick's Interview with Greg Prato, author of Grunge is Dead

My favorite question:

Jessica: What were some of the most surprising things that people told you for the book? I geeked out on all the Pearl Jam stuff where you have Eddie sleeping in the basement while they were recording.

Greg: There was definitely a lot of stuff about Pearl Jam that I didn’t know. Eddie talking about the first Pearl Jam show. I also like the story where Eddie says he spoke to Chris Cornell afterwards and his eyes and his teeth were glowing and that he basically looked like Satan. [laughs] I didn’t realize, when I spoke with Jeff, that there was some friction in Pearl Jam between Vs. and Vitalogy. He said that if ever there was a time period in their career where it made sense for them to break up, that would have been it.

Jessica: Well, that was 1994 you’re talking about. A lot happened that year.

Greg: I was kind of surprised about that because as a fan looking in, I would have thought that that was when they may have been at their strongest. That was when the whole world was worshipping them and any album they would release would shoot to the top of the charts and they would sell out huge stadiums and everything. Which of course, they still do, but back then it was crazy how widespread they were.

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