Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jeff Gets Jacked

 I don't know why I get my Rolling Stones so much later than the rest of the world, but that's beside the point.  AndySlash reports that the May 28th issue has a blurb about Jeff Ament getting robbed outside the Southern Tracks Recording Studio in Atlanta.

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was the victim of a violent robbery outside Southern Tracks Recoding Studio in Atlanta, where the band is recording a new album with producer Brendan O'Brien. According to a police report, Ament and a band employee pulled up to the rear of a studio on the afternoon of April 27 when three assailants emerged from the woods wearing masks and brandishing knives. The robbers smashed the windows of a rented jeep and stole $3,000 in cash and $4,320 worth of goods. Ament was chased and knocked to the ground, sustaining a head laceration. No arrests have been made. Pearl Jam declined to comment.