Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Thankful for Free Bootlegs!

If you bought your copy of Backspacer from the Ten Club, and you've been upset that Target shoppers got some goodies that you missed out on, ... you can stop yer' whining.  Put your Ten Club Edition Backspacer into your computer, and there will be two bootlegs waiting for you.

The Ten Club CD version of Backspacer now includes bootlegs available for download.

Select 2 concerts out of these 10 to download via the Backspacer CD.

Berlin August 15, 2009
Vancouver September 25, 2009
LA October 7, 2009
Philadelphia October 30, 2009
Philadelphia October 31, 2009
Boston May 17, 2010
Cleveland May 9, 2010
Belfast June 23 2010
New York May 21, 2010
Lisbon July 10, 2010
For CD support go here: http://www.pearljambackspacer.com/cdfaq.html