Monday, November 7, 2011

Pearl Jam Lyric Tournament: Voting Begins

Hi All

The Pearl Jam Lyric Tournament has begun. Voting for Brackets A+B is up for today and tomorrow (11/7-11/8). You can vote on the Red Mosquito forums

Bracket A

1. Under your tongue/I'm like a tab/I will give you what you're not supposed to have
Anxious is the present/Unwrap your gifts, take your time

2. I've got scratches all over my arms/One for each day since I fell apart
Escape is never the safest path

3. Are you getting something out of this all-encompassing trip?
A night bird is following you all the time.

4. Life has nothing to do with killing time
Eyes, no eyes, there's no difference/Every life is looking in

5. Sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky/a human being that was given to fly
It's like she's lost her invitation to the party on earth/And she's standing outside hating everyone here

6. Not unlike a friend that politely drags you down.
I let go of a rope, thinking that's what held me back/now in time I've realized, it's now wrapped around my neck

7. Sometimes I burn like a dot on the sun
Standing like a statue/A chin of stone, a heart of clay

8. I smile but who am I kidding?
I'm a lucky man to count on both hands the ones I love

Bracket B

9. It's egg rolling thick and heavy/All this past we carry.
Now you got both sides claiming killing in God's name/But God is nowhere to be found, conveniently.

10. Mondays were made to fall, lost on a road he knew by heart/It was like a book he read in his sleep, endlessly
I guess it was the beatings/ made me wise/but I am not about to give thanks, or apologize

11. Don't see some men as half empty/see 'em half fulla shit
Just be darling, and I will be too/Faithful to you

12. And wherever you've gone/and wherever we might go/It don't seem fair/you seemed to like it here
I was the fool because I thought I thought the world/Turns out the world thought me

13. I wish I was the verb 'to trust' and never let you down
Like a cloud dropping rain I'm discarding all thought/I'll dry up, leaving puddles on the ground.

14. Tried to endure/what i could not forgive
Everything has chains/Absolutely nothing’s changed

15. she holds the hand that holds her down/she will rise above
Looks like lightning in my child's eyes.

16. There was a solemn man, watched his twilight disappear/Altered by a fallen eagle, a warning sign /He sensed worry could be strength/With a plan that said, "Time for--evacuation."
We were but stones/your light made us stars