Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pearl Jam Radio: The Ed Interview

Pearl Jam Curitiba, Brazil 11-9-11

Ed and The Rob sat down before Thursday's Mexico City show to talk about Pearl Jam's South American tour and the band's career and songwriting.  You can download it here, or thanks to our forum's user, Riot Actor 25, you can read the summary:
  • Recent shows have been lots of fun with crazy crowds, but they haven't been that political out of respect to the countries they've played, although Eddie's been reading everything he can about Occupy Wall Street. 
  • Eddie's spent some of his time recording in his room when not surfing. 
  •  A crew member went to the hotel he'd stayed in the last time PJ was in South America and was able to find the drugs he'd hidden 6 years ago. 
  • Of The Earth might never be properly recorded and included on an album, only left to live performances. 
  • Because their lives are busier with other obligations, songwriting has to be done a little faster or they just have to find ways to produce things in shorter time frames. Backspacer was recorded quickly and they were happy with it, but he acknowledged that quick records might eventually suffer from poor quality. 
  • Seeing the West Memphis 3 walk free was one of the most powerful moments of his life. 
  • Due to the elevation, they joke around about including Thin Air and Just Breathe in the sets. Eddie mentions Thin Air should've been a single with a video, but that Stone doesn't care for it anymore.