Friday, November 11, 2011

PJ Song Lyrc Tournament: Brackets C+D

Voting is open 11/9-11/10

Bracket C

17. Let the sun shine and burn away my past/Three days and maybe longer, won't even know I've left
Artificial tear/vessel stabbed/next up, volunteers

18. Take my hand, not my picture/spilled my tincture.
We all got scars /they should have em too

19. And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass/of what was everything.
I saw the strain creep in/He seems distracted and i know just what is gonna happen next/Before his first step/He's off again

20. I remember when I swore I knew everything.
Seek my part/ devote myself/my small self/like a book amongst the many on a shelf

21. Once divided/nothing left to subtract/Some words when spoken/can't be taken back
With heavy breath, awakened regrets/Back pages and days alone that could have been spent, together/but we were miles apart/Every inch between us becomes light years now

22. Stunned by my own reflection/It's looking back, sees me too clearly
Are you woman enough to be my man?/bandaged hand in hand

23. Who's kidding? Rainy day, one-way ticket headstone/An occupation overthrown, a whisper through a megaphone
Given two lost wings/A beautiful star sea.

24. And the young they can lose hope because they can't see beyond today/The wisdom that the old can't give away.
Dream the dreams of other men/you'll be no ones rival

Bracket D

25. You’re always saying you’re too weak to be strong
They said that timing was everything/made him want to be everywhere/there’s a lot to be said for nowhere

26. All the rusted signs we ignore throughout our lives/choosing shiny ones instead
Model, role model, roll some models in blood/get some flesh to stick so they look like us.

27. I'll wait up in the dark/For you to speak to me
I changed by not changing at all.

28. No time to be void, or save up on life/you gotta spend it all
I will hold the candle, till it burns up my arm/I'll keep takin' punches, until their will grows tired

29. And though he's too big a man to say/There's a fear they'll soon be parting ways
Somewhere there's a siren singing a song only he hears

30. I am lost/I am no guide/But I am by your side/I am right by your side
Alone, listless, breakfast table in an otherwise empty room/Young girl, violins, center of her own attention

31. Feel the sky blanket you with gems and rhinestones
I’m a thief/I’m a liar/Here’s my church I sing in the choir

32. I've seen the home inside your head/All locked doors and unmade beds
Hold on to the thread/The currents will shift

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