Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Got 99 Problems, but the Holiday Single Ain't One

OK, it's kinda one, because we don't actually have the songs yet or the record or even a decent picture, BUT! ... the contents of Pearl Jam's 2013 Holiday Single have leaked.  This year's single will include the 2012 performance of 99 Problems with Jay-Z at the Made In America Festival and a cover of the Rolling Stones' Shattered by Ed and Jeanne Tripplehorn at a benefit for Epidermolysis Bullosa earlier this year.  Ten Club members should keep an eye on their "My Subscriptions" section for the download.

SIDE A: 99 Problems - Written by Jay-Z, Performed by Pearl Jam with Jay-Z (9/2/2012 Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Made In America Festival)

SIDE B: Shattered - Written by Rolling Stones, Performed by Eddie Vedder with Jeanne Tripplehorn (9/15/2013 Private Location, Malibu, CA, EBMRF Benefit with Ed Vedder)