Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four Things To Expect From Pearl Jam in 2014

Now that we've recapped 2013, it's time to wonder what to expect for 2014.  Well, we already know Pearl Jam's going to be hitting Europe and Australia, but what else will the band be up to next year?  Here are our guesses!


So, Pearl Jam gets lots of press for releasing "every" show as a bootleg, but we all know that's not totally true.  Some of the most begged for shows since 2011 remain out of reach.  Pearl Jam is going to make good with their fans by releasing this 10CD/6DVD boxed set with audio and video recordings of the 2011 Pearl Jam Destination Weekend, the 2012 Made In America Festival performance, and 2013's An Evening with Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field.  The set will include great features like: 1" X 2" poster recreations from all the shows, suitable for framing in your Pearl Jam dollhouse, a cassette of Mike McCready discussing what material to post on twitter while they're on the way to PJ20 in East Troy, recreations of polaroids that the band took of 85 random fans, and some guitar picks that the band hand left from their 2013 North American Tour.  Please note that due to technical problems, the following songs are not included as part of this box: In The Moonlight from Septmber 3, 2011, 99 Problems from September 2, 2012, and the seven songs played prior to the weather break at Wrigley Field.


We all remember being excited that Ed was collaborating with director Scott Cooper on the movie, Out of the Furnance.  We even got excited when some asshole edited the IMDB to list 35 various songs recorded by Ed for the movie.  Then came the crushing sadness when we found that only one song made the cut ... and it was a Pearl Jam song (Release) ... and it wasn't recorded by just Ed ... and the new version was more or less indistinguishable from the version on Ten.  Still, Ed makes good in 2014 by releasing the songs that Cooper called "so awesome that they should never see the light of day."  Look for Ed's third solo release, Out of Out of the Furnace: Songs Scott Cooper said were so awesome that he couldn't put them in his movie in September.



Pearl Jam will continue their new tradition of delivering Christmas Singles on time.  In 2014, you can look for a 7" containing the previously unreleased Lightning Bolt outtakes, Where's The Sponge? (performed by The Young Evils) and Billy Billy Micropenis (performed by Boom Gaspar on sitar and Michelle Obama on lyrics, recorded in the White House Organic Garden).

... and lastly, every album Mike McCready inevitably tells us that they have 300 songs or pieces of songs that they were not able to fit on the album, and they'll probably put out an EP in about a year.  2014 is the year that Mike speaks truth as Pearl Jam release, Lightning Bolt: Lightning Strikes Twice in November, and then embarks on a 35 city tour of The People's Republic of China.  

Here's the tracklist!
  1. Mercury
  2. In the Time of Man
  3. Of The Earth
  4. Shelter
  5. Alford Pleas
  6. Tracking Change
  7. Foliage
  8. Apollo
  9. Undertow
  10. We're Outta Here
  11. Sans Finis

And, if any of this happens in 2014, you'll know, because we'll bring it to you here at The Sky I Scrape and the Red Mosquito Forum!  Have a great New Year!