Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2013, #12

Each December, TheSkyIScrape looks back over the passing year to remember all the great Pearl Jam-related news stories and prepare for what is to come in the new year (check out previous years here).  

This year was so amazing, we're having trouble sticking to format, so we begin here at #12.  


Few members of the Pearl Jam Community have fully recovered from the announcement in 2011 that Donny Anderson would no longer be recording episodes of All That's Sacred and although Mario Aguilar continues recording Given To Cast, those episodes do not come quite often enough to satisfy the truly excited Pearl Jam fan.  So, for a while now, there's been an unfilled gap in the Jamcasting world.

Enter Evil Little Goats.  Evil Little Goats is the podcasting brainchild of Travis Hay of Guerrilla Candy and Jeremy Grater of Sibling Rivaly, two music journalists living in Seattle and spending an inordinate amount of time loving Pearl Jam.  It debuted on June 10th with an episode called "Podcast Ledbetter" and releases one hour-long episode per month.

The show's format is essentially banter between Hay and Grater as they discuss Pearl Jam news, music, gossip, and lore.  There is something great about listening in to real, knowledgeable fans discuss the minutia that we all obsess over, and these two bring a knowledge of the industry that many Internet nuts may be lacking when they get into debates about Pearl Jam.  Neither host claims to be an all knowing dictionary, as their Facebook comments may attest, but unless Pearl Jam is your day job, you'll be glad for the resource.  The show is rounded out with a song or two each episode, and the occasional special interview with a member of the band or significant player in the Pearl Jam world.

If you haven't checked it out, it's truly worth your time.  All of the episodes are archived here at Guerrilla Candy.