Monday, December 2, 2013

Pearl Jam and Macklemore Compete to Save Homeless Teens

Seattle blog, Slog, has introduced a holiday challenge to save The Orion, a teen shelter in Seattle.  The idea is to find out who can donate more, fans of Slog, fans of Pearl Jam, or fans of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
We're about to find out. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Pearl Jam are combining forces with Slog this holiday season—SERIOUSLY!—to help raise money for the Orion Center, which houses homeless teens right here in our city. The Orion Center's funding was slashed recently, and its young adult shelter was almost forced to shut down. While the County and the City of Seattle kicked in enough money to keep the Orion Center's programs going, the group needs to raise $100,000 to keep providing food, shelter, safety, and life alternatives to Seattle's most vulnerable population over the next year.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans! Pearl Jam fans! Slog fans! Together, we can help save the Orion Center! But we're going to do it the American way: with a competition! That's why we're pitting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans against Pearl Jam fans against Slog fans! DONATE to the Orion Center by going to one of these three pages.
Tweet it out!  #TeamJam 
So if you're feeling generous the holiday season, and you want to keep some homeless kids out of the cold. GO HERE TO DONATE!