Friday, February 20, 2015

March Madness: Division Four, Round Two

It feels like the tournament has been going on for 10 Billion Years, and it may go on for ten billion more.  Are your choices Infallible, or do they swing back and forth like a Pendulum?  Feeling Comatose?  Well, Just Breathe, Let It Ride, and VOTE!

Amongst the Waves vs. Unthought Knwon
Got Some vs. 10 Billion Years
Pendulum vs. Come Back
Lightning Bolt vs. World Wide Suicide
Of the Earth vs. Just Breathe
Infallible vs. Force of Nature
Parachutes vs. Let It Ride
Life Wasted vs. My Father's Son
Mind Your Manners vs. Getaway
Swallowed Whole vs. Severed Hand
Marker in the Sand vs. Speed of Sound (demo)
Comatose vs. Army Reserve
Cold Confession vs. Love Reign O'er Me
Johnny Guitar vs. Yellow Moon
The Fixer vs. Unemployable
Sirens vs. Gonna See My Friend

How do I vote?