Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: Round 2 Is Underway!

It's time for you to vote which "later era" songs will progress towards the Final Four.  Voting is open through the weekend.  Here's how Round 2 shapes up!

I Just Wanna Have Something To Do vs. Anything In Between
I'm Still Here vs. Nothing As It Seems (demo)
Sweet Lew vs. Hummus
Soon Forget vs. Red Dot
Sweet Lew (demo) vs. U
Gone (demo) vs. 10 Billion Years
Devil Doll vs. Sirens
Turning Mist vs. Gonna See My Friend
The Fixer vs. Lucky 13
Open Door vs. Unemployable
Rearranged Priorities vs. Johnny Guitar
Yellow Moon vs. Better Things
Future Days vs. Love Reign O'er Me
Breeze in D vs. Comatose
Only Cloud in the Sky vs. Army Reserve
Speed of Sound (demo) vs. Speed of Sound
Supersonic vs. Swallowed Whole
Severed Hand vs. Rearranged Furniture
2X4 vs. Getaway
Infallible vs. Wasted Resprise
Force of Nature vs. Santa God
Golden State vs. Life Wasted
Be Like Wind vs. My Father's Son
Inside Job vs. Of The Earth
Just Breathe vs. Jingle Bells
Olé vs. Let It Ride
Santa Cruz vs. Lightning Bolt
The End vs. World Wide Suicide
Pendulum vs. Let the Records Play
Big Wave vs. Come Back
Amongst the Waves vs. Sleeping By Myself
Gone vs. Unthought Known

How do I vote?